MoM Cleared! World 3rd / NA 1st (Lazy Update) Posted by: Raivee @ 03-27-2016 03:22

6/9 Because who needs final phases (Enigma) Posted by: Raivee @ 12-03-2015 09:45


5/9 never felt so good... Posted by: Raivee @ 12-02-2015 09:45

10,000 bugs later...

Warrior High
Cleric High
Rogue High
Mage High
Primalist High
Recruitment is Open!
Laethys - PVE East
Raid Schedule
Mon - Thurs 8pm - 11pm EST
Raid Progression
The Mind of Madness - 9/9
Arisen Arak Cleared
Lady Justice Cleared
The Enigma Cleared
Dark Genesis Cleared
Lady Envy Cleared
Vis and Misericordia Cleared
Fauxmire Cleared
Lord Arak Cleared
Pagura Cleared
Gilded Prophecy (Hard Mode) - 4/4
Uruluuk (HM) Cleared
Thalguur (HM) Cleared
Guurloth (HM) Cleared
Anrak The Foul (HM) Cleared
Gilded Prophecy - 4/4
Uruluuk Cleared
Thalguur Cleared
Guurloth Cleared
Anrak The Foul Cleared
Hammerknell Fortress - 11/11
Lord Jornaru and Akylios Cleared
Inwar Darktide Cleared
Inquisitor Garau Cleared
Grugonim Cleared
Vladimal Prime Cleared
Soulrender Zilas Cleared
Estrode Cleared
Rune King Molinar and Prince Dollin Cleared
Sicaron Cleared
Matron Zamira Cleared
Murdantix Cleared
Tyrant's Forge - 3/3
Mechanical Tyrant (Hard Mode) Cleared
Mechanical Tyrant Cleared
P.U.M.P.K.I.N Cleared
Johan Cleared
Mount Sharax - 5/5
Threngar Cleared
The Yrlwalach Cleared
Izkinra Cleared
Jinoscoth Cleared
Bulf Cleared
The Rhen of Fate - 4/4
Finric Cleared
Drekanoth of Fate Cleared
Hidrac Oonta Weyloz Cleared
Ungolok Cleared
Bindings of Blood - 4/4
Maelforge (Hard Mode) Cleared
Maelforge Cleared
Laethys Cleared
Akylios Cleared
Lord Greenscale Cleared
Intrepid: Drowned Halls - 4/4
Hydriss Cleared
Isskal Cleared
Joloral Ragetide Cleared
Assault Commander Jorb Cleared
Planebreaker Bastion - 5/5
Planebreaker Abominus Cleared
Inyr'Kta Cleared
Warden Thrax Cleared
Proteus Cleared
Eggtenders Cleared
Infinity Gate - 3/3
Volan Cleared
Mordan and Viktus Cleared
Breaker X1 Cleared
Grim Awakening - 4/4
Ultane Cleared
Salvarola Cleared
Kyzan Cleared
Prince Kaliban Cleared
Triumph of the Dragon Queen - 4/4
General Typhiria Cleared
Jultharin Cleared
Cyril Cleared
Grand Falconer Zoles Cleared
Endless Eclipse - 5/5
Kain the Reaper (Hard Mode) Cleared
Progenitor Saetos (Hard Mode) Cleared
Regulos Cleared
Dread Lord Goloch Cleared
Matriarch of Pestilence Cleared
Kain the Reaper Cleared
Progenitor Saetos Cleared
Frozen Tempest - 4/4
Artifex Zaviel (Hard Mode) Cleared
Gelidra (Hard Mode) Cleared
Crucia Cleared
Kolmasveli and Toinenveli Cleared
Artifex Zaviel Cleared
Gelidra Cleared